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What is this NFT exactly?

A unique artwork we share with you wherever you are on the planet through the web.
Print it and hang it on your wall or display it on your screens.
With the NFT, we send you an invitation to register your own handprint on the moon.

VITAE First Digital Art Collection

This collection of 3200 parchments, declined in 12 different variations, announces the Q1 2023 moon landing of Vi-Tal Parchment.
The 1/1 original parchment, made of mylar and laser engraved with the artistic and scientific blueprint, will be sent to the Moon with Astrobotic Mission Peregrine One!

VITAE NFTs are now available for purchase
Collection 1

Vi-Tal Gold Night B

Collection 1

Vi-Tal Silver Day W

Collection 1

Vi-Tal Gold G•S Night W

Collection 1

Vi-Tal Gold Day W

Collection 1

Vi-Tal G•S D•N Sparkles Super Rare

Collection 1

Vi-Tal Silver G•S Day

Why Join The VITAE Family?

The purpose of this NFT Digital Art Collection is to help us contribute to the funding of VITAE's final steps: flight and final sculpture manufacturing.

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Sculpture, alongside hundred thousands others from around the world

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Be with us to follow the journey to the Moon of Vi-Tal Parchment, announced by Astrobotic Q1 2023

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You will have exclusive access to space related conferences given by the team and world class experts, as well as VIP visits of the artist studio

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You will have a priority access to the second NFT collection of the final sculpture and many more perks

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VITAE NFTs: Frequently asked

About the VITAE NFT

Why are we launching Vi-Tal, a digital art collection based on NFT technology ?

At the crossroads of space, art and science, we are launching an NFT campaign enabling anyone on the planet to join one of the most exciting art odyssey. The NFT is directly inspired by our Vi-Tal 1/1 parchment that Astrobotic will deliver on the moon by Q1 2023. With this first step, we aim to contribute to the flight and final sculpture financing. 3 models of the sculpture will be needed by NASA :

  • 1 Flight Model
  • 1 Qualification Model
  • 1 Spare Model

All those models will be built in a white room and will went through a series of strict tests to ensure safety on board.

How many Vi-Tals  will there be available ?

We have a strong will to include as many people as possible to the odyssey. We will be selling 3200 NFTs for our first collection representing the Vi-Tal Parchment of the final sculpture.

What are the perks of ownership/owning a Vi-Tal ?

Owning one of the 3200 Vital parchments will unlock several perks to our lucky holders. First you will be able to have your handprint on the moon. Thanks to our AI platform each NFT holder of this first collection will :

  • Be entitled to have his hand on the moon. We will print your handprint on the final sculpture.
  • Be by our sides to follow the trip to the moon of the parchment, which is to be sent in early 2023 on the moon.
  • Give you exclusive access to space related conferences given by world class expert on space and materials subjects
  • Give you a priority access to buy the second NFT collection of the final sculpture.

Where can I buy the Vi-Tal Parchment collection?

The VITAE Parchment NFT will be available on a leading NFT platform soon. We have decided to work with a hybrid marketplace accepting both fiat and crypto for our collection in order to attract both non crypto native as well as crypto veteran.

What are the royalty fees ?

The creators will retain 8% in royalties from each transfer of ownership.